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Corey DeAngelis Wipes the Floor With PRIVILEGED Sunny Hostin After She Dumps on School Choice for Unions


What is it about people who were privileged enough to go to private school dumping on others who are not so fortunate having the opportunity to go to private school? You'd think everyone would support the idea of funding following the student, especially when so many students get stuck in terrible schools in terrible districts with terrible teachers. Why on Earth would anyone ever oppose actually HELPING unfortunate, poverty-stricken children?


Perhaps because they're connected to the teachers' unions and vote Democrat.

Yeah, that's it.

Like Sunny Hostin.

They handed her talking points and she used them.

What a free thinker.

But not for the rest of you poors! You better know your place!

This is The View we're talking about here so it's not like we anyone expects a whole lot from any of them.


And that's really saying something.



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