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BENEVOLENT (Racist) Lefty Brags About Giving Water to Brown Roofers He Assumes are Illegals and ROFL


Gotta love racist, benevolent Lefties like Jack Hopkins who take time out of their busy day not doing hard work to talk about how illegals only do manual labor and how racist it is that anyone would want to keep them from doing the crap jobs nobody else in America wants to do. 


C'mon, if we don't allow illegals in this country who will build our homes, clean our toilets, and pick our produce?!


Notice he assumes the men are illegals because they're not white.

His BENEVOLENT KIND not racist at all post continues:

Also, I want to see more migrant business OWNERS instead of lazy white dude's running a company where all of the hard work is done by migrants. Let's get more migrants EMPLOYED by migrants!

I just dropped off a couple of cases of water that the owner must have "forgotten" about.

We totally believe he did this and didn't snap a photo to truly capitalize on how kind and giving he is to the little brown people.

Oh, some of the responses on this thread are even worse:


Because only illegals pick fruits and vegetables.

That's so true, Jack.




Who are these people?!

Yup, he did.

Jack seems a bit defensive over his racist tweet.


Because it does.

And ironically he thinks he's the good guy here.



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