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Tom Nichols Pals Around With Pro-Aborts Complaining About 1000s of Babies Being Born 'Who SHOULDN'T Have'


Wow, that ridiculously biased and pro-abort manipulated AP study about infant mortality in Texas supposedly going up because of the new abortion law is really making the rounds. Man oh man, we knew the AP was basically working for the Democratic Party at this point but wow.


This was impressive, even for them.

Check it out, Jill Filipovic wrote an entire thread about it (don't worry, we're not sharing her lame thread, it's just a lead-in):

Suddenly pro-aborts care about babies suffering.

That's adorable.

You know what else is adorable? Tom Nichols palling around with pro-aborts ... 

Trump really broke this guy. That or the money is just too good on the other side.

Classy as always, Tom.

Seems his post inspired this one as well.


Her horrific post continues:

... unwanted and will have miserable lives, in foster care or with parents who weren't fit in the first place. 

"Pro-life" really means "pro-misery" for everyone involved.

Nice company Tom's keeping these days.

That it is.


What's that old saying? You are the company you keep?

Ouch, Tom.



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