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OMG-LOL, YES! Symone Sanders Tries Shaming Heritage Pres. Kevin Roberts for Saying Illegal Aliens (Watch)


The Left loves to try and control language so any argument they make they somehow think they win. For example, how over time they've tried to conveniently change the phrase 'illegal aliens' to 'undocumented persons' to somehow stop them from being criminals? We get it, they don't want to accept they've allowed millions of illegals into this country to play politics so they would rather call them undocumented but the fact remains ...


People continue to break the law entering our country and we shouldn't reward them for it.

Let's call them what they are.

That's why we love this ... Heritage President Kevin Roberts wasn't about to be lectured or shamed about speaking the truth.



At this point, we've watched this specific clip about a dozen times and we STILL laugh every time.

'That's sweet.'

Oh, man.

And no amount of calling them something else changes that.


Womp womp womp, Symone.



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