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WE WON'T BACK DOWN! Independent Women's Forum Goes Straight-FIRE After Take Back Title IX Bus Vandalized

With Permission from IWF

Sounds like the patriarchy decided to make an appearance at the Independent Women's Forum's (IWF) bus tour fighting back against the trans movement and its efforts to erase women. The 'Our Bodies, Our Sports #TakeBackTitleIX' bus that has been traveling across the country with women advocating for women in their sports and spaces was vandalized overnight at a stop in Chapel Hill, NC.


Not only was the bus egged, it was covered in profanity and anti-woman rhetoric.

Tell us you're a mentally-ill, mediocre, sad little man who wants to pretend he's a woman without telling us you're a mentally-ill, mediocre, sad little man.

IWF was not at all intimidated and in fact, seems more FIRE UP than ever.

Take a look:

Their post continues:

Radical gender ideologues on a mission to erase womanhood seek to keep us quiet. WE WON’T BACK DOWN. WOMEN WON’T BE SILENT. https://ourbodiesoursports.com/bus

And boom.

So much boom.

The trans movement is filled with angry and sadly even violent people ... clearly.


To be fair, we already knew the trans movement's true colors. They've been showing them to us and insisting we accept them or ELSE for years now.

With Biden in charge? Psh. We wouldn't be surprised if they investigated the women involved for being big meanies to men who think they're women.

The post continues:

... wrote ‘Transphobic P****” then violently threw the sharpie at the young woman while screaming “F**k you” in front of children & their families.When did PRO-WOMAN become ANTI-TRANS or anyone?



The post continues:

This tour represents the largest, most ideologically diverse, women’s movement of our time.https://ourbodiesoursports.com

In other words, women who may disagree on most every other issue are working together to defend WOMEN. Pretty bada*s, right?

If this doesn't make you want to run through a brick wall, we're not sure what will.



Inclusion can't come on the backs of women.

This. ^ All DAY this. ^



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