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Scott Wiener Writes a Check His Butt Can't Cash Going After Riley Gaines and BOY HOWDY Was THAT Ever Dumb

AP Photo/Darren Abate

Sen. Scott Wiener is the LAST person who should try and start fights with Riley Gaines ... you guys know Wiener, right? He's the creeps**t in CA who cares more about protecting predators than he does minors. Just look at his bills and voting record. Or if you have a sensitive stomach, maybe don't look.


He's bad news. Creepy bad news.

And he thinks Gaines is a nut job for protecting parental rights.

You know who doesn't want parents to have rights, yes? Who wants children to keep things from their parents?



Gaines is having NONE of it:


Us too. Absolutely right-wing nut jobs. Proudly even.

Dude is a freakin' toad.

If Gaines is making people like Wiener mad, she's doing a good job. A great job even.


We would encourage you NOT to go down that hole.

Both points kinda go without saying.

And he's not even funny.



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