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BOOM: Dana Loesch DROPS Mother of ALL Truth Bombs on 'Coward' Chris Murphy and His Gun-Grabbing Speech

AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib

Anytime a politician pretends that giving a speech is 'difficult' know what they are spewings is pure, unadulterated BS, especially when it's a Democrat like Chris Murphy. You guys, it was so hard for him to exploit the deaths of children from the Uvalde school shooting.



He thought he was making a good point about security in our schools and of course, he failed.

As he usually does.



You know the face you make when you've been on hold for customer service and when someone finally answers the phone they tell you you've reached the wrong department and put you on hold AGAIN?

Yeah, we made that same face.

Guessing Dana Loesch may have as well:

Cowards like Chris.


And we're pretty sure he misses it on purpose, yes. It's far more convenient to miss the point when it's beneficial to the narrative he's pushing and the agenda he's supporting.


But more guns isn't the answer, you guyyyyyyys! REEEEEEE!

Ugh, he's just so unbearable.

Murphy is a Democrat, and an exceptionally ignorant one at that. Considering other Democrats, that's really sayin' something.




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