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Mary Katharine Ham Sums Up Media's DENIAL About Biden's Condition As Only SHE Can in Two Perfect Posts

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Media's efforts to pretend Biden isn't a hot mess of 'old man yells at clouds' have been truly impressive, and not in a good way. Hey, we've gotta hand it to them, it takes a lot of nerve to think you can tell millions of Americans not to believe their lying eyes ... and fully expect them to go along. Guess they figure since it's worked in the past they can get away with it now.


Except ... no.

As Mary Katharine Ham says:

She continues:

The Right isn't making Biden old. 

The Right isn't making Biden senile, lost, angry, or confused.

Biden is just old and get lost, angry, and confused because he could be senile. The more the media tries to pretend otherwise the more on point we know we are. If they didn't also think he was a hot mess they wouldn't be so desperate to get us to believe he's ok and that evil people in the Republican Party are editing videos to make him look worse.

Truth hurts.


There's that as well. 

But there were mean tweets and stuff and that made things bad ... or something?

Yeah, mean tweets are so much worse, just ask the media.



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