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Are You HIGH?! MSNBC Host Explains Why She Thinks the Debate Will Be 'Unfair' to Biden and HOOBOY (Watch)


You guys. It's not fair to make Joe Biden debate because ... checks notes ... the bar for Biden is so much higher.




The guy who wanders off during important gatherings, threatens reporters when he gets confused, lies constantly, and makes up words as he goes along has a high bar. We suppose if you're on the Left and voted for the Marbled-Mouthed Bag of Botox this may be a high bar for you but for the rest of us? Not so much.


How did she keep a straight face saying this?


Trump doesn't wander.

Trump can form full sentences.

Trump didn't magically start having a 'stutter' to explain when he says stupid stuff. 

We get it, it's MSNBC (MSDNC), but this is stupid even for them. Monumentally stupid, even.

Yup. Honestly, this feels like they're already starting to try and cover for him when his performance is just abysmal. They can look back on their comments and say, 'See, we set the bar so high, Biden couldn't possibly have had a successful debate here.' That should tell us everything we need to know, even THEY KNOW this will be bad.

It's honestly all they have left at this point. They were bad during the Trump years, but the Biden years have made them unwatchable and even more untrustworthy. We didn't think it was possible and yet they've figured out how to make that happen.


We're still not 100% convinced it will even happen but yes, they are definitely doing their 'due diligence' to cover for the Old Man in Chief.



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