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Oliver Darcy Tries BULLYING TicketMaster Into Canceling Tucker Carlson's Tour, Glenn Beck Ain't HAVIN' It

Townhall Media

You guys remember Oliver Darcy, yes? The guy who threw a massive temper tantrum and left Twitter after Elon Musk bought it? Brian Stelter's pal and fellow Hall Monistor who spent most of his time trying to censor and shame conservative media? Works at CNN? Is a MASSIVE weasel?


You 'member.

Welp, seems even though he's left EVIL TWITTER he's still trying to silence and censor the Right and has been going after Ticketmaster and arenas trying to cancel Tucker Carlson's upcoming tour.

Glenn Beck ain't havin' it.

Notice, Glenn does not mention the brown shirt wannabe by name.

Who would do that?

Oliver Darcy, that's who.

Dude needs a real job or a hobby.


Check out what Darcy wrote about the upcoming tour:

Ticketmaster is linking arms with right-wing extremists, boosting their ability to reach mainstream audiences and profiting off their dangerous and hateful rhetoric ahead of the November election.

The ticketing sales giant is the distributor of the forthcoming live speaking tour from Tucker Carlson, who announced plans this week to crisscross the country with a 15-city arena tour, inviting fellow conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones and Marjorie Taylor Greene to join him along the way.

On the Ticketmaster website, Carlson is referred to as “the leading voice in American politics” and “an alternative to corporate media dedicated to telling the truth about the things that matter — clearly and without fear.” While it is hard to imagine that Ticketmaster conjured this glowing description of Carlson itself, it is remarkable the company would approve it and promote it on its site.


See what we mean? Total a-hole.

Yup, a lot of us do:


Reading this, this editor misses Greg Pollowitz all over again. He was the absolute best of us, guys.

Pretty sure it's a qualification to work for CNN.



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