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Aaron Rupar's Attempt at Making Hunter Biden's Crimes Look 'Victimless' Backfires SPECTACULARLY

Urban Dictionary

Full disclosure, we included Aaron Rupar's tweet about Hunter Biden's victims in our piece rounding up the 'best' responses to his guilty verdict HOWEVER, the more we looked at Aaron's post and the more people dragged him for it the more we felt like it deserved it's own piece. 


Guess that means Rupar has the dumbest reaction/reponse to the Hunter Biden guilty verdict of all.

Should we congratulate him?


Here's the post:

Bad, right?

He's even been Community Noted:

Hunter Biden got his brother's widow, who he was having an affair with, hooked on crack.He also left a gun in an unlocked case in an unlocked car with the windows down that her children were poking around in.

He also has yet to meet his daughter despite their wishes.

And it didn't just stop there.

Of course.

Oh, this is our favorite:

He actually answered with this:



Yes, Stormy Daniels is such a victim.

Hoo boy.

They don't count though.



*cough cough*

Honestly, Rupar and everyone else circling the wagons around Hunter would be better off just admitting the smartest man Joe knows is a bad guy. And speaking of bad guys, next up, the Big Guy.




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