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CNN Fact-NUKED in Receipt-Filled Thread for DELIBERATE Inaccuracies Covering Rescued Israeli Hostages


Per CNN's own bio, they 'go there.' We're not entirely sure what the Hell that means but they seem to think that makes them sound important.


Yeah, we smirked too.


Maybe if just once they bothered to cover a story in an accurate and factual manner they wouldn't have to say stupid things like, 'we go there.' Go where? 

Case in point, the way they've covered the rescue of four Israeli hostages from Hamas. Eitan Fischberger was good enough to 'inform' 'them how grossly inaccurate their reporting was in a fairly straight-forward, receipt-filled thread. Hopefully they're taking notes so they can correct their reporting.

And he's right, the inaccuracies should be fixed immediately.

The Palestine Chronicle is indeed trying to cover their own backside ... we covered this earlier this morning.


Indeed they should.

That being said, we're not exactly holding our breath waiting for it to happen.


Lefty media goes on and on and on and on.

If Hamas says so you bet they will.

Unfortunately this isn't that crazy for CNN.

Nothing they pull these days surprises us much.




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