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US-Based Palestine Chronicle BLISTERED for Trying to Hide Ties to Dead Journo Who Took Hostages (Thread)

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The 'journalist' who took three Israelis hostage and was killed when Israel rescued them apparently has ties to a US-based publication called the Palestine Chronicle. Per a web search, they claim they are a 501 c3 nonprofit that 'highlights relevance to human rights, national struggles, freedom and democracy in the form of daily news, commentary, features, book reviews, photos, art, and more.'


In other words, they're a Palestinian propaganda outlet.

And now that we've learned one of their correspondents took three Israeli hostages, they're trying to cover their backsides.

Try being the key word here:

The post continues:

Its staffer in question, Abdallah Aljamal, took 3 Israelis hostage before being neutralized by the IDF in yesterday's rescue operation. Multiple news outlets and the IDF have now confirmed Aljamal's role in hostage taking, in addition to reports that he served as a Hamas spox.

This morning, the Palestine Chronicle website changed his bio from "correspondent" to "contributor." 

The first screenshot is from 6:30ET AM. The second is from 11:50AM ET.

Huh, that looks sus. 


See what we mean?


Almost as if they know WE KNOW they've been connected to bad people and are trying to pretend otherwise.

So basically ... 

And he wasn't just a contributor, he was a correspondent.

Womp womp womp.




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