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So Much WORSE! Check Out This DAMNING 'Mega Thread' of Evidence Admitted So FAR in Hunter Biden Trial

Screenshots from alleged iCloud "leak" of Hunter Biden videos.

Since we all know we can't rely on the mainstream media to adequately inform us of what's happening during the Hunter Biden gun trial, Mia Cathell was good enough to put together what she calls a 'mega-thread' of all the evidence that has been admitted thus far in the trial.


When you look at it this way ... yeah, it's not good, no matter how many Democrats try to insist these charges are NEVER the top charges in a case.

Take a look:

Heck, get yourself some popcorn.

The post continues:

... certifying that he was not doing drugs or addicted to a controlled substance, such as cocaine.

So, he lied.

We all knew that. 

Keep going.

He broke the law.



The post continues:

According to Hallie's testimony at trial, she additionally found "remnants of crack cocaine" and drug paraphernalia strewn about.Here are Hallie's texts with Hunter when he realized she stole the gun.

Honestly, besides the bizarre videos and photos, the texts are some of the creepiest things we've seen in the evidence because it gives us a peak into his mind at the time. 

The post continues: 

... found on Hunter's brown-colored pouch. Brewer testified that it was traces of cocaine.In late October 2018, Hallie complained about another one of Hunter's pouches containing "a stem" (a.k.a. crack pipe) left at her home's library next to her son, also named Hunter.

Crack pipe left next to her son.


Nice try, Hallie.


Probably NOT what he was expecting to find in that particular dumpster.

A victim of firearm theft.

Alrighty then.


Note, there is a post here (#11) that Twitter/X will not allow us to snag as it says it's been made private. It is various videos of Hunter that you probably don't want to see anyway but if you do, they are included in this thread and you can follow the links to it.

Weed Slut 420 definitely sounds like the name of a woman you'd want to take home to meet the parents.

#13 is also been made private.





Weed Slut.

This reads like a really bad novel. 

Meanwhile, a jury in very Leftist New York just convicted Trump based on the testimony a convicted liar and a pornstar. 

Gotta love the two-tiered legal system in this country right now.




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