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Take the L! Democrat Rep. BRUTALLY Schooled After Reminding Us That We're a 'Democracy' and LOL

Fuzzy Chimp

Quick reminder: If Democrats knew anything about our country or about anything in general they would be Republicans, not Democrats.

We're not entirely sure what Rep. Melanie Stansbury was thinking when she tried to 'remind us' we're a democracy but yikes. This was stupid even for someone looking to increase engagement ...


Or maybe she was trolling?

Yeah, that's it. Surely no elected official is THIS STUPID, right?


HA ha.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Sorry, we crack ourselves up sometimes.

A true democracy easily becomes a dictatorship, ya' nob. Every time we see something like this from a Democrat we can almost make sense of the fact they voted for Biden. Only someone this stupid would elect someone stupider than they are.

Luckily for Melanie, plenty of people were willing to educate her:

There's a reason Democrats see the Constitution as a barrier for the things they want to get done.


We've honestly lost count at this point.

Sage advice.

At this point anything is possible.

Unfortunately she won't be and she'll learn nothing from this because in her small little mind the people correcting her are Nazis or white-supremacists or insurrectionists because well, she's just not bright.

Them's the breaks.




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