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Someone's NERVOUS: Adam Schiff's Tone-Deaf Post Accusing Trump of Prosecuting His Enemies Is VERY Telling

Every time we see a post like this one from Adam Schiff we can't help but wonder ... this guy knows he's Adam Schiff, right? He spent four years targeting Trump, doing everything in his power to take him out of office including abusing our impeachment process more than once and now he wants us to worry about Trump prosecuting people if he's elected?



This dude is even dumber than he looks and that's really saying something.

Funny how often these dbags are caught accusing others of the very things they have been doing all along.

Well, duh.

Pretty sure he has NOT.



It's (D)ifferent when they (d)o it.

Maybe because he did in fact break the law?

Just spitballin'.



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