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OOF! Old Briahna Joy Gray Tweet Bragging That She CAN'T Be Fired the Most Hilarious Example of FAFO EVER

Sarah D.

Welp, The Hill fired Briahna Joy Gray for being a horrific antisemite. 

Even though she once said they couldn't do that.

We're not even making that up, which makes this all the more delicious and hilarious. DEI hires thinking they can't be fired.



Guess she was WRONG and they could (and did) fire her.

But you know, it's not her fault. Nope.

Honestly, you guys, we're shocked they did it. Likely not as shocked as she was.


Ain't that the truth? Heck, Joy Reid got busted for a homophobic blog she wrote years ago and is still being a repugnant bigot on MSNBC. Granted, she also claimed time traveling hackers somehow magically put all of that homophobic stuff on her personal blog but still.


But when you're on the Left it has to be really really really really bad which tells us her behavior was really really really really bad.


Because it's all their fault she's a raging antisemite ya' know.



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