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You Even HISTORY, Bro?! David Frum Picked the Wrong DAMN Day to Blame America for Hitler in Dunk on Trump


Trump broke a lot of people.

He just did.

And at the top of the list of people he broke sits David Frum. Oh sure, Bill Kristol, Rick Wilson, and others are right there as well but man, Frum is just a mess. How else can you explain him taking this stance on D-Day of all days to dunk on Trump?


So we shouldn't put our country first, Dave?

Taking care of our own country is bad.


Keep going.

Awww, so it's our fault ... k.


And to think, he thought this was smart.

Scary, right?

Yeah, things are way better now. Totally.


Thinking Frum might want to crack a history book ... one without a bunch of pictures.


Mind blown.


Crazy stuff, man.



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