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Wrong Answers ONLY to Question About Joe Biden Rushing Away from D-Day Event Turns Into HILARIOUS Thread

Lou Benoist/Pool Photo via AP

As Twitchy readers know, Biden's visit to Normandy earlier today didn't go all that well. We know, you're absolutely shocked President Pudding Pop made a fool of himself and gave the rest of the world yet another opportunity to laugh at us ... 



November can't get here fast enough.

All of that being said, Twitter account @WallStreetSilv found a way to bring some laughs to Twitter today, at Biden's expense. It only seems fair.

Yeah, that was strange. Granted, the entire event was weird from his relying on Macron to help steady him, to sort of sitting down in a seat that wasn't really there yet, to his babbling about dead Russians in Ukraine BUT the 'rushing' him away from the event thing seemed like a pretty big deal.

Just sayin'.

*cough cough*

People in this thread seem to think it was another sort of 'doody'. 

We get it, that was the joke.

It's like we're getting to a point where it would be more newsworthy if Biden wasn't making a fool of himself somehow someway somewhere.

Probably not a good thing to have a president whose uncle was eaten by cannibals, ya' know?


And Joe Scarborough says he's brighter and more in touch than Kevin McCarthy.

Don't make that face, we didn't say it.

THERE ya' go.




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