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Oh, Honey... NO! X Just Points and LAUGHS at Alexander Vindman's Nobody Wife Trying to Remain Relevant


Full disclosure, when this post from Alexander Vindman's wife crossed our timeline it took us a moment to remember who she is and why she's so annoying. We suppose since her only claim to fame is being married to a gossipy tattle-tale of a liar who threw his career away because he hated Donald Trump she has to figure out some way to remain relevant but ... eh.


Not to mention she seems really hung up on the idea that people actually care enough about them to hope they're unhappy.

Desperate much, harpy?

Huh? Meh.


Remember that? She grabbed a sword, took a pic of herself, and posted it on Twitter to prove she was tough or something. Hilarious.

And just like the sword pic, this didn't go very well for her either:


Have the day you deserve.

That's such a good dig.




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