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This CAN'T Be Footage of Hallie Biden Ditching Hunter's Illegal Gun Because RUSSIA, Right? LOL - WATCH

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Remember when Democrats, members from several three-letter government agencies, Lefties in general, and the mainstream media told us the Hunter Biden stories were Russian disinformation? And then social media punished the New York Post for covering the stories?


Good times.

Oh, about all of that, everything we thought was true WAS true ... and everything they said was a lie.

But you guys knew that, right?

This footage of Hallie Biden throwing Hunter's illegal firearm into a dumpster in a grocery store parking lot IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING DAY and across the street from a grade school is especially eye-opening, don't you think?

Watch this:

Pretty damn damning.

That being said, we all know nothing will likely come of this and if it does, they will hit him with some lame gun crime that lands him with community service or some other happy horse crap. Meanwhile, Bragg will likely go for jail time with Trump because a man who perjured himself BEFORE and went to jail claimed he signed 34 checks to silence a porn star ... or something.

Yes, yes everything is stupid. We're to the point where we can't keep track of the number of lies being spewed at any one time and considering we cover this nonsense for a living we can only imagine how hard it is to keep up with for normal, sane people.



Right? It's like an everyday thing for most Americans. Totally.

The Bidens are indeed a pretty sick, effed-up family.

Which makes Jill Biden's claim about 'decency being back on the ballot' even more hilarious.

Now now, breaking the law is no excuse for not accessorizing. 


Probably in the same place as the info around the so-called pipe bombs found on January 6.





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