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Calm Your VAG***S! --> Leftist Men Rant, Screech, Cry and RAGE on 'Hands Off My Birth Control' Tag


Boy oh boy, our pals on the Left are officially getting desperate. Hey, after what we witnessed from Biden this morning (we're still not convinced the man didn't have some sort of bathroom emergency), we're not at all surprised. Democrats trying to pass legislation for an issue that doesn't exist so they can pretend the issue does exist so they can accuse Republicans of not caring about the particular issue that doesn't exist is pure Democrat, through and through.


Seems they want women to believe that Republicans are going to ban contraception.

Even though, you know, the party has been fighting for years (decades?) to make the pill over the counter ... 

Welp, of course their silly bill didn't pass so the toadies are out front and center on social media claiming Republicans will do NOTHING to protect birth control. They even came up with a cute little hashtag, #HandsOffMyBirthControl.

Well, a man did.

No, really.

Guess it all started here.

Now, there are plenty of women on this tag preening on and on about The Handmaid's Tale (we really wish they'd read another book) but the loudest voices are coming from MEN.

They seem very worried about not being able to get their birth control pills.


Good ol' Brooklyn Dad. He even used a lame 'diverse' women's meme ... hope they paid him well for that one.

But wait, there's more!


Why would they vote to protect access to birth control when birth control is legal and accessible everywhere?

You know the face you make when your dog is staring at you eating a piece of string cheese and starts whining because you don't really want to share your string cheese? Yup, just made that same face.

Jon Cooper is a liar.

Nobody blocked ALL of America's right to contraception.


What Republican attacks on birth control, ALAN?

Uh huh.


Bro. Trust us. Nobody wants to control your body.



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