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ZERO Impact: Bill Melugin Drops DAMNING Receipts Showing How USELESS Biden's 'Secure Border' EO Really Is


About that super tough Executive Order Biden felt he was FORCED to put in place because the evil Republicans wouldn't pass the crap Senate bill that didn't actually secure the border because they knew Schumer sat on legislation from the House that would secure the border ...


Yeah, it's a nothing burger.

We know you know that we know you knew that but still.

Seeing this from Bill Melugin just seals the deal.

... continue to cross without fear.

Ya' don't say.


Of course.

Gosh, this is shocking.

Oh wait, no.


For whatever reason, America looking to protect its borders somehow makes us xenophobes or racists or some other hateful term the Left likes to throw around when they're shaming us for trying to secure our borders.

Wonder if they'll ever figure it out?



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