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Things Must Look BAD for Biden With Black Americans if Slate Is Digging Up a Debunked Trump N-Word Story

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Oh boy. Our pals on the Left must not have much faith in Bragg's circus going their way if they are spreading this BS ... again. What, does Slate think they actually came across a breaking story? C'mon, if Trump had dropped an n-word on tape it would have been HUGE news way before now.


See what we mean?

Turns out this is an old story that has already been debunked but NICE TRY, Slate.

From Deadline.com:

The biggest reveal came from Jonathon Braun, an editor on the show, who denied that Trump said the n-word on a tape, as some have claimed.  “I was the supervising editor on the first six seasons,” Braun said. “I didn’t watch every frame, but in everything I saw, I didn’t hear him saying anything so horrible.”

Gag reels of cast members highlighting off-color or embarrassing moments were commonly circulated, Braun said. Any such racial comment would have been noticed.  “If there was a tape, it would have spread like wildfire,” Braun said.

No WAY this didn't go viral back then. 



Total coincidence.

Because they are desperate.



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