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Planned Parenthood Posts About a 'Man Receiving No Support for His Abortion' and Pisses Everyone OFF


Women have babies.

Men do not have babies.

Therefore, men cannot have abortions.

You'd think Planned Parenthood of all organizations would know how this works BUT since they started losing ground to pro-life, they've tried to broaden their appeal to mentally ill people who think they were born in the wrong bodies. Who need help, not enabling but we digress.


This is just nutty:

... during his abortion.

What. The. EFF?

Note, the pushback was SO BAD they eventually turned replies off for anyone they don't follow but LUCKILY there are still plenty of responses for us to share.

Right? They just need to add something about how many pancakes were eaten by group A and B and they'd be spot on.

Sorry, not sorry.

Pretty sure it's too late for Planned Parenthood ... and DEFINITELY the 'guy' who thinks 'he' had an abortion.

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