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THIS Is Nuts (and Honestly Really Scary) --> TSA Agent Targets Conservative (Jan 6) Passenger


We've seen horrible people on the Left canceling people on the Right for years ... it's become sort of what they do now. Disagree with them? They'll try and get you fired or close your business. One way or another they will make sure you pay for daring to disagree with them.


That's what authoritarians do.

All of that being said, what happened to January 6'r and independent journo David Medina at the airport goes beyond even that. This isn't just annoying, this is scary.

From the rest of his post:

Stephen, who I said nothing to, walked over to me and out of no where said, “Your decisions in life have consequences, I have no sympathy for you” as he watched me miss my flight for having to go through unexpected additional screening.

I said “You must know who I am or Googled my name.”He said “I know enough.”I was shocked at what was taking place. I said nothing to the guy and his comments were completely out of nowhere. There were two other TSA agents who stood by not saying a word and I hope they tell the truth when I file my official complaint with TSA. I usually let stuff go when someone says something to me in public, but I ain’t letting this go and don’t not deserve this treatment while flying, especially before my day in court.


Seems like 'Stephen' decided David was guilty until proven innocent and was more than willing to use his authority to punish him.

This should terrify anyone and everyone.

They could even write a sternly worded letter.



From the post:

This has never happened in the past 3 years I’ve had to go through extra screening - I’ve never been sent back to the front. 


My phone “dinged” their machine at the gate but not back at the initial screening. This will be now my 4th time being full body searched PAST the initial screening just to get on my flight. #portlandoregon

We'll keep an eye on this one. Yikes.



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