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Story of Mentally Ill Man Who Thinks He's a Woman Who Stabbed Six People (Four GIRLS!) Just Got CRAZIER


This editor has lost count of the number of times she has been scolded for pointing out that trans people are mentally ill. Sorry, not sorry, people who are even somewhat mentally well-adjusted understand they can't actually change their sex. They can pretend to be the opposite sex, they can even call themselves another gender, but at the end of the day, you are what you are. And no amount of surgery, hormones, or temper tantrums can change that.


Case in point, how much violent behavior have we seen from this demo in the past few years?

Like Jared Ravizza who stabbed four actual females at an AMC theater. The cheese definitely slid off that dude's cracker ...

It gets better though. Worse? We're not sure:

Take THAT, neighbor!

Who throws a shovel through a window? Guess mediocre, mentally ill, confused men who think they're women do.

From the New York Post:

The man accused of knifing six people unprovoked in Massachusetts, and reportedly killing his Connecticut roommate over the weekend, went berserk over a dispute between his housemate and their neighbors ahead of the bloody spree, nearby residents said.

Jared Ravizza, 26, was apparently set off after two women called the cops on his roommate, an older man identified by residents only as “Bruce,” who they accused of trespassing on their property while walking his dog in the Deep River neighborhood, locals told The Post Monday.

Ravizza allegedly chucked a shovel through the women’s window on Saturday — breaking it, according to photos and neighbors. The women called the cops again but when officers showed up to question him, they were met with a grisly scene at the home he and Bruce were renting through Vrbo, an Airbnb competitor.



So much yikes.




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