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Even NBC Can't Ignore How EFF'D Up It Was for Biden To Visit THIS Witness Soon to Testify Against Hunter


Can you guys imagine the shiznit-fit the Left would throw if Trump 'visited' with one of the witnesses prosecutors are expected to call in one of his cases? The shrieking would be nonstop, some losers would probably even loot a Target or two ...


The fact that NBC posted about it at all tells you just how bad this looks for ol' Joe.

Even they can't ignore it.

Seems a bit sus, don't it?



Yuck. Thanks for the visual ...

Not a great look.

Of course, since NBC reported it at all the Left is freaking out MORE SO than usual.


Yes, the media is always targeting poor Joe. 

Holy Hell.

Poor Harry. He seems upset.


Fallen soldier.


Nah. It's the Biden family that should be ashamed.

All of them at this point.



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