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Sheldon Whitehouse TRIPS Over His Whites-Only Club Membership Trying to Shame Alito and Thomas in Thread

Tom Williams/Pool via AP

Of all the Democrats who have zero business lecturing anyone else about 'transgressions,' Sheldon Whitehouse has less than zero business lecturing anyone else on transgressions. This guy knows he's Sheldon Whitehouse, yes?


You know, a man who even in modern times belongs to a whites-only club?

Not a good look, Sheldon.

Oh goodie, a thread from Sheldon Whitehouse ... said literally on one ever. 

Once so many Democrats became millionaires they had to start whining about billionaires.

Let's hear it for our public servants! *eye roll*

And Sheldon knows all about dark money.

They so badly want to discredit SCOTUS for daring to adhere to the Constitution.


Remember that time Sotomayor refused to recuse herself from a case involving her publisher? We do.

You know what's really stunning? Anyone belonging to a whites-only club in 2024.

Democrats love to project.

Rogue justices.


ROGUE JUSTICES ... that sounds like a new show on Fox.


Blah blah blah blah.

No facts no justice ... huh.

Sit down, Sheldon.



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