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Nothing to See Here, Just Rashida Tlaib Trashing Biden at Conference Funded by LITERAL Terrorists (Watch)

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

We get it, Rashida Tlaib is gonna Rashida Tlaib but holy cow, you guys. This is bad enough when we're not seeing a rise in antisemitism all across out country so when we are seeing it? Yikes.


Is she tone-deaf? Unable to read a room (country)? Or is she just really that evil?

Maybe all three.


Biden tried pandering to these people.

Clearly, it didn't work.

His post continues:

Tlaib thinks if Congress gets their way, they will "silence the universities here at home."

Tlaib discusses visiting the Wayne State University encampment. Tlaib is Wayne State Alum and discusses how her alma mater has been trying to divest from Israel for years. 

She doesn't understand why colleges are invested in "weapons and war in the first place." She feels universities are sending militarized police after their students. Tlaib concludes by mentioning how these attacks and smears will be remembered in November.


If nothing else, this broad is mental.

His post continues:

"We had to demand it in our country. We had to march. We had to boycott. We had to do civil disobedience. We had to make sure that we moved our country to say, 'Civil Right Act Now. Black Lives Matter Now. End the War Now.' We're going to march and we're going to move Congress and we're going to the White House because they have no other option. We're not going anywhere."

Time to vote this crazy person out of office, Michigan. Seriously.

But but but ... pine tree flag!




Just spitballin'.



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