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And BOOM: Sean Lennon Just Needs One Very Simple Question to Completely Take the Democratic Party APART


We're not sure if Seán Ono Lennon (formerly known as Sean Lennon) meant to take the Democratic Party APART asking this very simple question but boy howdy, it did the trick. For years (decades?!), Republicans were accused of being warmongers, see Dick Cheney, but per Lennon's question, that's not really the case anymore.


A lot of Democrats have overseen wars, FDR with WWII, Truman with Korea, Lyndon B. Johnson with Vietnam  ... heck, Obama bombed more countries than any other president before him. So in reality, they've always been the war party. They were just better at hiding it, and the media worked harder to spin it.

Just sayin'.

The one chick being Hillary Clinton.

Hey, that's what we said!

And sadly, it still is.


Something like that.

Yes, yes he did.



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