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Woke Whiners VERY Upset About How WOKE They Really Are After Reading 'How Woke Are You' List and LOL


If we're being fair, and we often are here at Twitchy, this 'how woke are you' list is a bit on the ridiculous side (wearing sunblock is WOKE? what now?!) HOWEVER, some of the reactions to it from people who are obviously very woke are pretty damn funny.


Not to mention there are a few items on this list that do tend to go hand-in-hand with the woke crowd.

Take a look:

Atheist, vegetarian, reads The New York Times, thinks the country is racist ... 

Those seem legit.

Not to mention how Michael Tracey and a few others reacted to the list:

You're willfully stupid if you don't read The New York Times.

Who knew?

When you're so woke you're offended because people mock how woke you really are.

They don't even know how insufferable they come across, which honestly makes this even funnier.


Awww yes, those 'moronic Christians' are the problem. 



Bro, the sun can cause damage to your skin regardless of where you live. 

And he probably thinks he's enlightened.

Yes, being woke is stupid.

We have a winner, ladies and gents!

Note, we know he means the list but it's fun to mock him because we can... ya' know? 

Others had fun with the list:

The plot thickens!

Pretty sure that one shouldn't count against anyone.

Heck, this editor is very fair-skinned and does NOT leave the house without sunscreen ... this editor also happens to own two small dogs.





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