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FOH! Kansas City Trying to Apologize for 'ERROR' of Doxxing Harrison Butker Backfires SPECTACULARLY


It's not every day you see the OFFICIAL account of any city, no matter how blue and awful they are, doxx someone for defending the unborn, so when Kansas City actually doxxed Harrison Butker even this editor, who has seen most EVERYTHING over the years covering the news, politics, and of course Twitter, was shocked to see it.


And disgusted.

Using the city's official Twitter account to doxx a Chief's player.

Not sure you can get much lower than that.

Oh, and they they tried to apologize for it and claimed it was posted in error. No really, see for yourself:


They 'apologies' for the tweet.


He'd be well within his right to sue them for telling people where he lives. How damn dumb do you have to be to think posting such a thing to an OFFICIAL CITY ACCOUNT is ok? *cough cough DEI Hire cough cough*

We said what we said.


See what we mean?


This wasn't a typo.

This wasn't a spelling error.

This was someone trying to hurt Butker and his family.


Oh, and in case you were wondering what the mayor's response to this incident was:

How about you just fire the a-hole who did it, Quinton? Simple.



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