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And BOOM: Mollie Hemingway's Post Tearing Media a NEW One Belongs in the Make-'Em-All-CRY Hall of Fame


Nobody needs Trump to win in November more than the mainstream media. Don't get us wrong, Americans desperately need Biden OUT of the White House, but nobody will benefit from another Trump presidency more than the repugnant, sad, biased, angry tools in the mainstream media.


They just can't quit him.

Case in point:

Wait. The current Speaker of the House, the HIGHEST ranking member of the GOP Party is supporting his party's nominee?


You know the face you make when you're standing in line at the DMV? Yeah, we just made that face. See, you don't need anything more to make being at the DMV any worse so we could just leave it at that. Heh.

Mollie Hemingway was good enough to light the media up in a BIGLY way.

It's pathetic, right? Corporate/Mainstream media care about one thing and one thing only, their own agenda. And they will do whatever they can to promote whatever narrative they need to support their agenda.

We've seen it time and time again.

You know what AP stands for, yes? ALL PROPAGANDA.


Shameless, ain't they?

It certainly feels that way some days.

Most days, even.



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