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OOPSIES! Kamala Harris Just Handed the Trump Campaign a Perfect, POWERFUL Post on Abortion

AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough

Looking at Kamala Harris' posts, we're not sure if she could do more to hurt Biden and help Trump if she tried. Forget that she's a walking, talking insurance policy for Biden as it is, but when she says stupid stuff like this about abortion she's all but handing Trump's campaign an ad.


Take a look, you'll see what we're talking about:

Say what?

Kammy, over one million human beings in America lost their lives to abortion last year. Honey, THAT is the health care crisis, not women being inconvenienced when trying to get an abortion in a handful of states.

See what we mean?

She is just a hot dumpster fire of awful.

Democrats are gonna Democrat.

This ain't rocket science.



She seems awfully focused on abortion ... almost as if even she knows Biden and she have nothing else to run on this year.



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