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Teacher FIRED for Defending J.K. Rowling and Daring to Make a Student THINK ... No, Seriously (Watch)


There was once a time when teachers were supposed to inspire their students to think, especially when they disagreed with them. That is what getting an education is supposed to look like, learning from one another and yes, debating when given an opportunity especially when talking about issues. For example, if a teacher defends J.K. Rowling for standing up for women against the trans-movement, and his student disagrees BUT then relents and admits they need to think more about things, that's a win, yes? Not for the teacher, not even for Rowling, but for the student who wants to THINK.


Welp, that very scenario got a teacher fired.

We're not even kidding.

Notice, he never says an unkind word to the student who called Rowling a bigot.

And he got fired.

School. Choice. Now.

The teacher's name is Warren Smith:

They took his computer.

They took everything.


How dare he try and educate a student instead of indoctrinating her. The nerve! Doesn't he know education is now about gender and labels and not about learning and thinking?! What a monster!

*eye roll*

This. ^

We hope this is not the end of Smith's story, and that sharing his story will make learning institutions think.

For a change.



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