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WHOA: Nellie Bowles' New Book Blows Lid OFF The New York Times Exposing Rampant Misinformation and RACISM

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File

Something you see people on the Right (and even on the Left) say quite often these days is as much as you hate the mainstream media, it's not enough. We are living in a time when the media is self-imploding and in a way eating their own just so they can somehow play politics and support the approved narrative from the Biden administration and Democrats. They've been doing this forever, but seeing what was happening at The New York Times during COVID and while Trump was still in office is ... crazy.


Not exactly surprising but crazy.

As Aaron Sibarium writes, this is a crazy anecdote from Nellie Bowles in her new book giving us a peak behind the curtain at the NYT.

What a horrible, miserable, terrible place to work filled with horrible, miserable, terrible people.

And aww yes, the 'ok' symbol was super racist and stuff. 

*eye roll*

Americans were misled by the very people they should have been able to trust.



Elected officials.


Public Health toads.

And so many more.

Scary crazy you guys.


As long as there's enough popcorn to go around.


What's insane is they thought THEY were the good guys.

Just sayin'.

Yeah, seems like a safe bet.



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