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'F**king CLOWN Show': Julie Kelly Shares DAMNING Unredacted Evidence from Trump's Classified Docs Case

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

If you want to know more about Trump's classified docs case, look no further than Julie Kelly's timeline. When she's not covering what Biden's DOJ is doing to J6'rs she's busy exposing the ridiculousness of Jack Smith's case.


And now that key evidence in that case has been unredacted, Kelly has even more to share.

But wait, there's more.

So much more.

This is nuts. 

We know you know that we know you know that but it has to be said, especially when you look through all of this.

Her post continues:

1) Defendants are not entitled to discovery of internal government correspondence and memoranda, or to documents that are otherwise privileged.

2) The Court Should Deny Defendants’ Requests for Evidence of 'Improper Coordination with NARA' and of 'Bias and Investigative Misconduct.'

3) The Court Should Deny Defendants’ Requests for Evidence Related to Trump’s Security Clearance With The Department of Energy.

4) The Court Should Deny Defendants’ Requests for Evidence Related to Secure Facilities at President Trump’s Residences.

5) The Court Should Deny Defendants’ Requests for Production of Materials Concerning the Search of Mar-a-Lago.


6) Defendants’ Request for Unredacted Discovery of Materials Should Be Denied.





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