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REEE! RNC Hilariously Mocks AOC for Calling Columbia /Yale Protests 'Peaceful' and She Just Can't DEEEAL

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

As Twitchy readers know, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hung out with the only person she might be smarter than in D.C. yesterday, Joe Biden. Notice we said, 'MIGHT'. She took that opportunity to remind everyone that the people protesting on college campuses, shouting death to America, and professing their hatred for Israel are peaceful.


Because physically blocking a Jewish student from attending class and poking a Jewish student in the eye is TOTALLY peaceful.

She's such a nob.


Sandy did NOT like being mocked or called out for lying about the protests:

Oh NO! She thinks this is an 'own'.

A self-own maybe.

Guess how this went for her:


We see what they did there.

Everything Biden is doing and has done, everything AOC pushes for, is Communism rebranded. 


C'mon now, we learned during the summer of love back in 2020 that fire means things are 'mostly peaceful.'

Can't help but notice we're not seeing her do a ton of crying in front of caged kids.


Those are EXACTLY the people she means.



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