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NYU Prof Laughed Off X for Claiming He's Not Sure How He Can Teach After Pro-Hamas Protesters Arrested


Poor Jacob Remes.

He's not sure how he can 'possibly teach' now that his administration has held pro-Hamas rioters ... sorry, protesters, accountable for tormenting Jewish students on campus. What will he do if his colleagues aren't allowed to show their hateful, antisemitic colors?



We looked his entire timeline over and yeah, it's as bad as you think. If you're wondering how these students have ended up being the way they are, all one really has to do is observe the people 'teaching' them.

Just sayin'.

Perhaps the job is just too much for Jacob.

Now THERE's an interesting idea.

Probably a lot of opportunities for him to teach in Gaza.

Ding ding ding.

Notice he's not out there getting arrested with his students and colleagues.



THAT'll show 'em! *shakes fist*

You can do it, lil feller.

Hang in there.



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