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Oh, Honey, NO: NPR Host DRAGGED for Trying to Passive-Aggressively Dunk on Uri Berliner for Resigning


Oh, look. Another white, privileged, progressive woman from NPR being snotty to the editor who was honest about why NPR is losing America's trust. Almost as if this is truly their brand. Ugh, and her use of the word 'grace', makes this editor throw up in her mouth a little. While the Left was using lockdowns to destroy education for our kids, parents were told time and time again to show some grace.



Some things never change.

Mary Louise Kelly could have said nothing but apparently, she had to get a dig in on Berliner:

Her petty, vapid post continues:

And for showing up today, as always, to produce some damn fine journalism.

And they wonder why so many of us want to defund them.

Maybe she doesn't understand what journalism is supposed to look like.

She's likely hoping nobody else notices how damaged it is.

Too bad, we see it.

We've known.


Evil man had to go, ya' know.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will be looking elsewhere.



And fin.



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