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BOMBSHELL: Check Out Flyer Distributed at a Mexican NGO Encouraging Illegals to Vote for BIDEN (Thread)

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Gosh, for something that allegedly doesn't happen according to Democrats who keep fighting against legislation forbidding illegals from voting in ANY of our elections while they're not opposing Voter ID, this sure seems sus.


And you know, like illegals are indeed voting in FEDERAL elections.

Why else would this NGO tell them to vote Biden?

Take a look at this BS:

We need another four years of his term to stay open.

Keep in mind, this NGO is IN MEXICO.



Almost as if they know Biden (or whoever is pulling his strings) opened the southern border for a reason.


Mayorkas is a former board member.

Wow. Again.

Connections to Soros? No way. That's shocking.

See a pattern yet?

Not a great look for Mayorkas.


We got nothin'.


That's what Democrats do.

Prey on the uninformed, ignorant, mentally ill, and angry.



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