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POPCORN! Climate Change Loons Protest Outside Kamala Harris' CA Home and It's GLORIOUS (LOL-WATCH)


Well well well, turns out there are lunatics all around the country protesting for all sorts of reasons, thanks to our pals on the Left. Seems like they've created a monster they cannot control.


Ya' love to see it.

Sort of like how Dr. Frankenstein losing control of his monster didn't exactly work out well for him.

Take, for example, the climate change whack-jobs that 'caused chaos' outside of Kamala Harris' California home.

From The Daily Mail:

Climate activists were arrested by police on Monday after they occupied the street in front of Vice President Kamala Harris' home in Brentwood, California

A group of about 40 activists from the Sunrise Movement criticized chanted slogans against Harris, demanding the Biden administration declare a climate emergency to enact more draconian measures to stop climate change.

'We're occupying the street outside VP Harris' home to demand she join us in calling on Biden to declare a climate emergency,' the group wrote on social media, sharing video of their activists chanting slogans.

Too damn funny.


Wait, you mean Kamala Harris LIED to get elected? NO WAY. That's so unlike her.

She's usually such an upstanding politician full of integrity and honesty.


Hey, we keep trying to tell Democrats their 'leaders' are only telling them what they want to hear ... they keep ignoring us.

Ain't it fun?



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