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Mark Cuban SCHOOLED in Heated Back and Forth After Pushing Debunked Narrative on Trump's Tax Cuts and LOL

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

Mark Cuban set himself up for a takedown of epic proportions on Twitter/X once again. Honestly, he couldn't make a bigger fool of himself for our entertainment if he tried ... these back-and-forths never go well for him.


Maybe if he spent less time trying to dunk on Trump (who mocked the ridiculousness of our tax code by making this very point himself) and more time educating himself on taxes and how grossly unfair and even corrupt our tax system is he wouldn't keep embarrassing himself on social media.

We wish this ignorant narrative would just freakin' go away. Trump did not only cut taxes for the wealthy - roughly 80% of Americans benefitted from the buts. Even the New York Times had to admit it.

Look at how the entitled brat responded to being fact-checked:

Move those goalposts, Mark!



And get this response ... what a maroon posting this on social media.

Just wait. 

And that's really saying something.

He's proud that the federal government robs him and 53% of this country every year ... 



Probably a safe bet.

He pays 8% and is bragging about it.




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