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Harry Sisson and Other Members of Biden's Paid Youth Brigade BUSTED Sharing Old Pic After Israel Attack

It's sad to see young minds poisoned by older people who only care about power and money. 

Unless these young minds belong to someone like Harry Sisson who is more than happy to say stupid stuff if the price is right.


Case in point, he sent this yesterday after news broke about Iran attacking Israel. Notice anything wrong with the pic?

At first, we thought it was just Harry being Harry. It's not like the guy has ever said anything original or meaningful so it would make sense he would post a fake pic because he didn't do his homework. But then we saw this same picture, and this same rhetoric, on other posts from other young Biden-fan accounts.

Knowing most of (if not all of) them are being paid we can't help but wonder if someone on Biden's team sent them all the wrong picture because THEY didn't do their homework.

And because Biden took a nap when he returned to D.C. after having his vacation interrupted.


If taxpayers got a list of everything we're actually paying for we'd never stop throwing up.

They don't even try and hide it.

Oh, it's definitely an old picture - Harris was not in D.C. yesterday.

A-ha, but see, if you point that out they claim he took the lid so he could meet with his team and focus ... yeah, we laughed too.


Good word.

Hey now, we feel influenced to write about and mock them incessantly. That should count for something, yes?


Don't it?



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