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You FUNDED It! Biden's Statement (AFTER Calling a Lid) on Iran's Attack Against Israel Goes REALLY Wrong


Biden knew Iran was going to attack Israel.

He went to Delaware anyway.

Honestly, we're shocked he came back to D.C. at all, ALTHOUGH he did call a lid shortly after his return only to release this written statement that nobody believes he wrote. OH, did we fail to mention his statement contradicts what we know he said to Netanyahu after the attack?


You guys, he sucks. So much.

He condemns Iran's attacks 'in the strongest possible terms' BUT doesn't want Israel to retaliate.

Make it make sense.

Harrison could have stopped after the word president and still have been accurate AF.


We see what she did there.

She brings up some valid points. The same idiots who claimed Trump would drag us into another World War and collapse the economy voted for the Idiot In Chief who could very well drag us into another World War and has already destroyed the economy.


It must be exhausting to be on the wrong side of literally every issue.

Peace through strength.

Something Biden (and his handlers) know nothing about.



Biden's WEAK Response to Netanyahu After Iran's Attack Reveals Just How IMPOTENT and Useless He Really Is

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