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OMG, It's Real! LOL! Biden's Tweet Talking Trash at Trump Over Iran Has Aged Worse Than 'Milk in a Sauna'

Fuzzy Chimp

We're willing to bet Biden doesn't even really know what Twitter is, let alone ever written a tweet. His 'handlers' have been doing that for him for a long, long time.


The problem with multiple people pretending they're Biden on Twitter is they can't seem to quite get and stay on the same page. It's sort of like lying, you have to remember things that may be easy to forget because they aren't true and then you get caught ...

Telling the truth is simple.

At this point Biden's handlers should just let him tweet for himself, it can't get any worse. Hell, a post from him about how he and FDR marched for Civil Rights arm-in-arm with Obama would be more believable than anything Karine Jean-Pierre keeps putting out there.

Then again, we would miss truly embarrassing posts that have aged SO badly ... like this from 2020 trashing Trump over Iran.

No, really.


HA ha.



You'd think a man spending 50 years in government would at least get something right, even if by accident.



bIdEn DoEsN't CoNtRoL aNyThInG!

Woof, the hits just keep on comin'.


Whoda thunk it?

What? You mean Biden saying, 'Don't' didn't scare Iran?

Gosh, we're shocked.



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