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Richard Grenell DROPS Lefty 'Travel Enthusiast' After He Thanks Biden for Making Others Pay Off His Debt

Courtesy of Marissa Forte

We owe Colin Seeberger a debt of gratitude for showing us who benefits from our tax dollars the most. Oh, he didn't do it on purpose to help Americans who are paying off his debt see the problem for what it really is. No no, his sense of entitlement and his lack of self-awareness would never allow for such a thing.


No no, he thinks he's helping BIDEN here.

Narrator: He's not.

Talk about having zero self-awareness. Wow.

C'mon now, he's also a travel enthusiast and all that travel isn't going to pay for itself ya' know.

Nobody ever accused college graduates of being smart.

Just sayin'.

Short, simple, and to the point.

We like it.


Richard Grenell had the best takedown, of course.

And boom.

Democrats have well and truly become the party of the rich and entitled ... and the rest of us poor slobs are paying for their college education.




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