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BRUTAL: Steve Cortes OWNS Marc Elias in Heated Back and Forth About Illegals Voting By Calling His BLUFF

Meme screenshot

Sounds like Speaker Mike Johnson and Trump will be promoting a bill to stop illegals from voting. Now, you'd think it would be common sense that people who are not legally in this country should not be able to vote in our elections ... and sure, plenty of Democrats claim it's JUST NOT TRUE but ...



Give us a break.

There are already states allowing illegals to vote in their local elections.

We can't help but think the mess at our southern border was deliberate. Fine, make fun of our tinfoil hates but Biden couldn't have done more to make sure record-breaking numbers of illegals enter this country every day if he tried.

Steve's post of course got Marc 'Russian Hoax' Elias' attention for some reason:

Awww, see. Marc said exactly what we expected him to, and people of the same Leftist persuasion are under his post agreeing with him and shaming the Right for working on such legislation. If it's not happening and there is no threat of it happening then there is no harm and no foul in making our elections extra secure with this legislation.

Why would they oppose the legislation if it only makes things safer and more secure?


Because there IS a problem, and Cortes came back with a big ol' receipt:

The post continues ...

That’s only where it starts … when they control everything again nationally, they’ll make it federal.

Why are Elias and others lying about their true cynical intentions?

Because 90% of Americans are *against* illegal aliens voting in our elections.


So, you know, Marc was wrong. Again. Or he just told part of the truth knowing damn well some states are already allowing it.

We're shocked.



The last thing Democrats want is secure elections. 

Otherwise, they wouldn't fight so hard against Voter ID and of course, keeping illegals from voting in elections.



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