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Nothing to See Here, Just the FBI Showing Up at a Woman's Home Over Her Facebook Post (Watch); Updated

Meme screenshot

Welcome to Biden's America, where the government is more concerned about its citizens writing mean things online than they are about the leaking southern border, the economy, crime, education, or anything else that should matter.


No no, they're far too busy 'spanking' Americans for not thinking as they're told.

Orwell would never stop throwing up.

This has gone way past 'out of hand.'

And they visited HER house? 


The guy who actually wished for Trump's death? Nah, they're too busy harassing women for telling the truth about criminals, apparently.

Punishing people for telling the truth ... 


Some people are claiming this is why they visited her:


While we can neither confirm nor deny either of these claims ... yikes.


Because telling the truth goes a LONG way.

And that's probably why the Biden administration and Big Tech don't want evil right-leaning editors like yours truly at Twitchy telling people the truth. The more truth that gets out, the more "former Democrat voters" we're going to see. 

As we get closer and closer to the November election, let's work together to get the truth OUT there so we can create more and more "red-pilled voters" and send Biden to his "home" permanently. Please note I did not make an "old folks home" joke there ... oh wait, oops, I just did. My bad.

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